Doctors Services

General and family medicine
We provide comprehensive medical care for all ages. Disease diagnosis and management, specialist referrals and off work certificates.

Women's Health
Provide women with family planning advice, IUCD insertion, smears, STI checks, breast examinations and mammogram referrals.

Men's Health
Provide men with family planning advice, prostate checks, PSA monitoring, cardiovascular screening and risk assessment.

Insurance, Driving, Recreational Diving, Armed Forces, Full General Medicals.

Minor Surgery
For ingrown toenails, removal of suspicious skin lesions and potential malignant cells.

Provide treatment for minor accidents(others may be referred to hospital). Removal of foreign bodies, suturing cuts, treating strains and sprains, and referral patients for X ray and specialists as necessary.

We provide terminal and palliative care as necessary. This may include home visits for those to unwell to attend the medical centre and a 24 on call service in the late phase of treatment.

The practice now has a dermoscope which helps detects early signs of melanoma and skin malignancy.